The introductory interdisciplinary survey course, serves as a gateway course to spark interests in nanoscience and to build enthusiasm for the NanoHU program. This course provides a fundamental foundation for the minor, while informing the general student population of this interdisciplinary subject matter that has dominated global interest in STEM and non-STEM sectors. Students may use this course to decide if they want to pursue an interdisciplinary minor in nanoscience. The course is open to all students, and satisfies the general education requirement for physical science.


SCI 203-01: Introduction to Nanoscience (CRN 22184) - Lec. 3./Credit 3.

This course introduces students to nanoscience by introducing the concept of size and scale as they pertain to the discipline. It also introduces students to the common terminology, and cover the basic mathematics required for working in the nanoscale. The course surveys nano for each of the sciences: nanophysics, nanochemistry, nanobiology and the technical evolution of nanotechnology in nanoengineering. This course satisfies the University’s general education core requirement in physical science.


Intro to NanoScience course