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Welcome to the Claville Research Group


Michelle Claville’s laboratory has two major research foci:

1) Generation and Fate of Distonic Radical Species

Distonic radical ions are reactive intermediates that contain both a radical and an ionic site within the same entity, but at different atomic sites. The chemistry of distonic radical species is quite different than the conventional radical species. Methionine-containing peptides are being used as a model to investigate the formation of these radical intermediates.


2) Development of Novel Nanomaterials

The interface of gold nanoparticles with bio-molecules has been of tremendous interest in pharmaceutical and drug industries. The objective is to develop proto-type gold coated biocompatible NPs and understand their interaction with cellular systems. This effort is corollary to our studies of oxidation and will give insight in the effects of distonic radical species in biological systems.



Student Researchers

  • Ms. Sarah Berryhill
  • Ms. Alexis Fennoy
  • Ms. Danielle Oliver
  • Ms. Aniema Nzesi
  • Mr. Yao Akpamagbo
  • Mr. Joshua Burton
  • Mr. Alhaji Janneh



Alumni Researchers

  • Ms. Ivory Patterson
  • Mr. Jenaqua Hairston
  • Mr. Eugide Othepa



We are most grateful for the National Science Foundation-Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) award, CHE-0847742, that funds this project.