Nanoscience at Hampton University

Welcome to NanoHU!

NanoHU is a newly developed program at Hampton University that affords students to engage in cutting-edge opportunities associated with nanoscience.  NanoHU is a cooperative effort between the departments of Biological Sciences, Computer Science, Chemistry, Engineering, Mathematics, Marine & Environmental Science, and Physics at Hampton University.  The interdisciplinary  program  provides all of Hampton University’s undergraduate students with the opportunity to earn a minor in nanoscience as they prepare  to meet the nation’s call for more  inventive scientists and versatile engineers.

Nanoscience has captured the attention of almost all areas of science and engineering, with implications in business, national security, international relations and ethics. The NanoHU program is timely as it provides a formal forum for HU to support its faculty and prepare its students to engage in this enormous, yet relevant enterprise. It is also compatible with the University’s mission and strategic plan of achieving research university status. In achieving its mission, Hampton University strives to offer exemplary programs and opportunities which enable students, faculty and staff to grow, develop and contribute to the workforce and society in a productive and useful manner.


NanoHU  seeks to fortify the nanoscience presence at HU by (1) recruiting, retaining, and graduating competitive students for engagement in the STEM enterprise; and (2) by supporting faculty researchers in the same. In so doing, NanoHU will be central of Hampton University’s effort to supdevelop and systematically implement an integrated, multidisciplinary STEM research and education program in nanoscience that prepares students for graduate studies and professional careers in the field of nanoscience.

  • Academically prepare students by offering a curriculum where students of any major may pursue a baccalaureate degree with an interdisciplinary nanoscience minor.
  • Engage students in nanoscience-related research throughout the academic year and summer session at Hampton University, national laboratories and/or international universities as a condition for earning the minor in nanoscience.
  • Provide 20 workshops and/or seminars annually that address both technical and “non-technical” attributes that are needed for academic and professional success.
  • Provide “next steps” educational and career support that result in at least 80% of program participants applying to graduate school in STEM and/or nanoscience related fields.
  • Provide professional development support for faculty to increase their publications record with undergraduates as co-authors by 50%.
  • Promote nanoscience program to incoming and current HU STEM students to build their awareness of, and interest in pursuing in the nanoscience minor.
  • Increase awareness of nanoscience for local high school students as well as familiarize them with career opportunities in STEM.

Program Directors, Professors and Staff

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    (Funding provided by the National Science Foundation under cooperative agreement number HRD – 1238838)